Did you enjoy your experience with Beaver Creek Lodge?

From our first trip in 2009, my husband and I fell in love with Beaver Creek Lodge, the owner, his family, and the staff at the Lodge. We always enjoy staying here! Whether it’s in the winter riding snowmobiles, summer/fall riding razors or horseback, or between seasons to just get away, we always feel part of the family. The rooms are very nice and the beds are really comfortable. The whirlpool tub is very welcomed at the end of the day of riding! ? In the Summer/Fall season they offer a continental breakfast. In the winter they have a hot breakfast (country buffet style) as well as dinner. The cooks are excellent! We look forward to our next trip out!

Brenda M.

This was our first trip to Utah and decided to take a break from snowboarding and rented a few snowmobiles at the spur of a moment. Beaver Creek was very accommodating and set us up with their 850 Summits. The sleds were great. The nearby terrain was awesome even though there was less powder than normal. They directed us to some great backcountry riding that was only 15 minutes down the trail. A huge amount of terrain for all abilities to ride. We would have spent days there if our schedule allowed it. We are already talking about planning a longer stay next season. It was well worth the trip from Maine.

Shawn T.

We were overly pleased with our experience lodging, dining, and renting snowmobiles. It is nice being surrounded by such great staff. A big shout out to our guide Corbin who took us places we could only dream of!!! We will definitely be back!

Mack A.

An amazing vacation! The knowledgeable, sincerely-caring staff (kudos Brian, Vivian, Chef Gerald, Brandy), the equipment, the accommodations and the location were all fantastic.

Gary & Monica L.

Horseback riding was such a fun experience! We haven’t been in years and it was a great time. Tiffany and Lance were awesome, friendly guides and tried to make a personal connection with everyone involved.
I would definitely recommend it.

Alexa B.

My daughter and I had a very enjoyable horse ride. We booked an 2 1/2 hour lunch ride. It ended up just being us and our guide. She was awesome and answered all the crazy questions a 7 year old has. I would totally book with them again.

Eric D.

You probably cannot find a better place to snowmobile. The staff was extremely helpful and informative. Corbin was an amazing guide. Definitely get a guide if you don’t know the area. A guide is worth the extra money to access places you normally wouldn’t arrive without the local knowledge.

Matt H.

I’ve rented snowmobiles from Beaver Creek lodge four separate times now and each time has been better than the last. If you are concerned with the price I assure you, you are riding some of the best snowmobiles on the market. They are all new and well maintained.
Brian, the owner treats everyone well and we received top notch service today when I wrecked a sled with less than 300 miles on it. I caused about 4500 dollars worth of damage to the sled and his first question was, “where you hurt?”. Not once did he belittle me or question my integrity of the incident.
A couple things to note, the price shown on the website does not include taxes, the insurance cost or the fuel price. You should expect to pay a minimum of 60 dollars more than the rate shown on the page. I do wish they would change that. Also, if you have the misfortune of totaling a sled like myself you need to have the 1,000 dollars to pay for the deductible the day of the ride. I had expected a minute for that to be processed through the insurance which may have been naive of me.
Great service and great sleds, you’ll enjoy yourself.

Andrew L.

We have been going to Beaver Lodge for 8 years! My teenagers have moved onto adulthood and still come back for our annual adventure! Cannot say enough! This year Ethan was friggin amazing! Had my 2 nephews out on the sleds for theb1st time! Perfect 10!!!!! Best spring break ever!

Bryan A.

We rented a Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo on a Saturday from around 4:30-7:30pm and had a blast! The trail was mostly dry with some big puddles here and there that we had tons of fun driving through and getting wet! They have a “four hour loop” that we went on and we’re able to see a plan crash site, a little lake, and still have plenty of time for messing around and taking turns driving the sweet Maverick! Their service was super nice, explained everything clearly and we the whole process was slick!

Bayler G.

Good management. They offer a great deal staying the night and going snowmobiling including breakfast and great dinner.

Leonard O.

Such a fun lodge to stay at near Bear Lake. Excellent horseback riding and ATV activities offered at this location.

Romey B.

I had an awesome experience on their snowmobiles today. Our group of four rented the snowmobiles for the morning session (9:00 am to 1:00 pm) and it really turned out to be a great choice. Getting on the trails that early gives you plenty of time to really enjoy your surroundings and the lighting is perfect for photos and videos.
The staff was well trained and friendly. They were also very experienced which puts you at ease if its your first time riding like it was ours. I would love to return here one day and would not hesitate to give this place my highest recommendation.

David A.

This place is top notch! I’ve interacted with them throughout the year on multiple occasions and always had great success. Brandi in the office is also a guide and does a phenomenal job at both. Ask for her if you want quality customer service!

Savannah S.

If I could give my experience 6 stars i would. It was not only one of the most friendly environments but it was the most amazing experience I have ever had since sliced bread. The owner Brian was very helpful and extremely friendly. To top it all off our guide AJ was absolutely incredible and can snowmobile like a pro. AJ will take you to the best places to enjoy your experience whether you know how to snowmobile or not. I highly recommend this place!

Quinntin B.

What a great find. Private and cozy. Horse back riding in summer and snowmobiling in winter. They have it all and rent it there. Annette was so helpful and courteous and a wealth of knowledge. Room was comfortable. Bed was great ( a big plus). View from the balcony was pretty and of the small ski slopes nearby. Great place. They have 12 rooms and will rent the entire place or just rent rooms. I’ll be back!

Jay J.

We had an amazing time at the lodge! The setting alone is awesome. We went horse back riding and visited the lodge. Everyone. Was so hospitable and pleasant and knowledgeable about everything. We will definitely come back!

Jeremy B.

What a great find. Private and cozy. Horseback riding in summer and snowmobiling in winter. They have it all and rent it there. Annette was so helpful and courteous and a wealth of knowledge. The room was comfortable. The bed was great ( a big plus). View from the balcony was pretty and of the small ski slopes nearby. Great place. They have 12 rooms and will rent the entire place or just rent rooms. I’ll be back!

J J.