Calling all adventure seekers!

Announcing the new Timbersled Snow Bike, the latest trending sport in winter recreation! Whether you’re an avid snowmobiler or a die-hard biker, you’ll want to try one of these bad boys!

What is a Timbersled Snow Bike? Take a YAMAHA 450cc dirt bike, remove the wheels, install a ski and track, and you’re ready to rip it up! The Timbersled takes less effort to maneuver than a snowmobile, and rides with ease and comfort. Getting used to this ride after an hour or two, you’ll want one of your very own! And if you’re a dirt biker by heart, you will immediately fall in love with this machine!

For returning customers and adventure seekers alike, the Timbersled Snow Bike offers a brand new experience! These bikes handle the powder like nothing you’ve ever ridden!

Our owner and operator, Bryan Lundahl:

“I’ve been guiding snowmobilers for 25 years in our special use area near the Beaver Creek Lodge - I rode one of these machines for three hours and went to places I had never been before! These are phenomenal. People will love ‘em and I’ve gotta add these to our rental fleet!

With snowmobiles, they may change and tweak little things here and there, but the concept is basically the same from year to year. But this Timbersled… this is a whole new ballgame. The engineering has made it so much better, and after an hour or two of learning how to ride, this will definitely become your new favorite. It will be the most fun you have ever had on snow!”

With the Timbersled Snow Bike, it’s so fun, you’ll wonder if it’s legal! Come try one today!